Order Now with Gamer Packaging

Standard 12 oz Long Neck Bottle

Order Now with Gamer Packaging

12oz Standard Long Neck Bottle

Gamer Packaging realizes being innovative, flexible and responsive is important to your business. We also understand the packaging needs of the craft beverage industry, and want to meet those needs in a way convenient for our customers.  We are pleased to offer online sales of our 12oz long neck glass bottle, making us an ideal partner for the small craft beverage industry. We’re more than just a supplier, we’re a partner.

As you grow, please note that discounted pricing is available for half and full truckload quantities.

Made in USA

100% Recyclable

Ships within 3-5 Business Days

One Stop Shop

Contact us directly for more information.

Pallet Spec

$491.64/Pallet ($0.21 cents a bottle)
More bottles for your dollar!


812V9 Long Neck Bottle (12 oz)

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