Topics Worth Talking About

Why Rebrand?

Sometimes companies are compelled to rebrand for reactive issues like a merger or acquisition, a legal issue or negative publicity.  But much of the time a rebranding is for proactive reasons like grabbing a new opportunity or keeping the competition at bay.  Is a...

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What Tops Your Package?

Nothing But The Perfect Closure!  When it comes to selecting a closure for your package are you mainly concerned with the functionality & technical specifications?  Of course these should be your primary concerns as the closure is the window through which your...

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What’s in that Tube?

What products do you associate with tubes--toothpaste or lotion perhaps? Well how about marinades or other food products?  That’s right, I said food in a tube!  We challenge you to think “outside the box” and start thinking “inside the tube” to give your product a...

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