Nothing But The Perfect Closure! 

When it comes to selecting a closure for your package are you mainly concerned with the functionality & technical specifications?  Of course these should be your primary concerns as the closure is the window through which your customer will access your fantastic product. But here at Gamer Packaging we encourage our customers to look beyond just specs and allow us to help you create a closure that is the perfect finishing touch—often the attractiveness and convenience of your closure will affect how your customers view your brand and your products.

Initially our team will help you decide on the basic specifications based on your product and package, here are a just a few of the basic closure types:

CT (continuous thread) closures are very common, and are available in sizes from 13mm-120mm. Styles include: ribbed sides for added grip, smooth sides for a polished look, smooth or stipple tops, and domed. You may also need CR (child resistant) closures depending on the FDA packaging requirements for your products.
Dispensing closures provide a way for your customer to easily dispense your product. There are many options and different styles; flip top, disc top, push-pull, twist open-close, and Flapper to suit your needs for dispensing.  Many different orifice shapes and sizes are available for the best flow of your product—and depending on your product you may also consider sprayers, misters and pumps.
Metal Closures are most frequently used on glass and food products, but also can provide a high-end look to personal care products. They are available in a large range of sizes, from 15mm – 120mm. CT and Lug (or Twist) are most common.  Metal closures offer a wide range of decorating options; printing, colors, embossing and debossing are all possibilities.
Liners can be added to most closures to aid in shelf life or for tamper evidence.
Custom Closures! Customizing your closure is probably easier than you think, and will give your package a complete look and add a
bit of extra flair.  Customizing can be as simple as using a basic CT style cap custom-colored to match your label or printing, or embossing your logo on the top.
We also have the ability to build a custom closure unique to you!