What products do you associate with tubes–toothpaste or lotion perhaps? Well how about marinades or other food products?  That’s right, I said food in a tube!  We challenge you to think “outside the box” and start thinking “inside the tube” to give your product a unique look.  Packaging in a tube will give your new product a cutting edge look, or breathe new life into your traditional products. With a wide range of available sizes, and a multitude of material & decorating options, tubes are a great packaging solution for many products!

Gamer Packaging and our manufacturing partners offer many stock and custom designed tubes.  Tubes can offer unique packaging flexibility with a multitude of UV Barrier materials to meet your product’s unique needs.  For example, a laminate tube structure with an aluminium barrier protects the product from light, moisture and chemical influences.  There’s a tube to meet most product compatibility requirements as tubes can be made in MDPE, LDPE or HDPE, Mono-Layer or Multi-Layer Barrier (EVOH).  All PE resins are FDA approved, and are free of hazardous substances.

Want your product to jump off the shelf?  Laminated tubes have such eye catching appeal that they make an excellent choice for not only typcical applications like personal hygiene and cosmetics, but in this writer’s opinion should be used more in the food industry. Tubes provide extensive decorating options–including glossy or matte varnish coating, up to six-color offset printing, silk-screen printing and hot stamping.  For smaller tube quantities, a more cost effective decorating option is available with labeling.  There are also many flip top and screw cap options, both of which are available in unlimited custom colors to accentuate your tube.